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Yay us! We made it to 1000 members!

That's all I had to say. Have a great summer people!

Hello everyone!

Due to some unfortunate events on I've become dissatisfied with the administration there, along with a number of other AH.commers, and as such I've created a new discussion forum! It's called AltHistoria and can be found here:

We're very new (like, maybe 6 hours old as of this post) but we intend to be a warm, inclusive community welcoming the full spectrum of LGBTQQIA people as well as people of any race, religion, sexuality, creed, and so forth, and we intend to administrate this board through relatively lenient and accountable moderation systems (so even my own decisions are subject to scrutiny, and I won't just ignore or shut down debates on the subject).

If that sounds good to you, we'd love to have you on the forum! Registration is quick and easy, especially if you already have a ProBoards account, and there are always people happy to greet you and help you with any issues you have. :)

Be good to yourself and those you love,
Guess what we got? A Facebook group! Here's a link to it, anyone can join if they want to:…

Make sure to check out the post on the new map contest, and join the group if you can! We'll be posting stuff like new maps, new accounts, and more alerts for contests and the like, so make sure to check it out!
It's the second week of Halloween, and you know what that means? Exciting changes! Not only have I (Upvoteanthology, check out my maps) become admin, but I have been given permission to introduce NEW MONTHLY MAP CONTESTS! There are a few simple guidelines to follow:

1.… <— This is a google doc. It has a list of all the ideas for new contests. If you want to suggest ideas to go on this doc OR you want one of the things on the list to be used in a future contest, send my personal account a note.

2. Contests themselves will last four weeks. Since this started on October 9th, it will go until November 6th. Voting will be opened up on the 6th, and will last for a weekend until the 9th. The next contest will be announced on the 6th as well, meaning that the voting window interlocks with the submission window.

3. There will be two blog posts every month about this. The first will be about the next contest, and will also show a link to every submission to vote for (in our case this is the 6th of November). The second will be a few days later, showing the winner of the previous contest (9th November).

4. To vote, go to the blog post. In the future posts, there will be a link to every submission and a strawpoll to vote for your favorite (or favorites, if we get enough submissions).

5. To SUBMIT, there are two ways to do it. You can either submit a link to your deviation in the comments of the ANNOUNCEMENT post, or you can send me a note on my PERSONAL ACCOUNT. The rest might not be seen.

6. Don't feel worried if you don't think you're good at mapmaking, this is a contest for EVERYONE! As long as you have the shittiest program, you can submit something here. Just don't make it racist.

7. If you need any tips or have questions, send me a note. This comments section will be cluttered up by submissions for the next contest, so there's a higher chance of visibility if you submit it directly to me.

And now it's time for the October 2015 contest announcement! The contest is "Create a scenario where someone who rose to power is never born." Again, you have until November 6th to submit your maps to either the comments section of this post or a personal note to me. Good luck!
Hello fellow enthusiasts,

I bring to thee good news! We have started a Twitter Account!
We will be posting Random Favourites from the group as well as contest results and other things of the sort!
Thank :iconsoaringaven: for setting up the account and doing all the graphic designs.
If you'd like for us to post something just let Zalezsky, Aven, or any of the other Admins know!

Tweet us at (@) MapsAndFlags :)

1) Contest will be put on hold temporarily
2) More Interviews will be posted soon
3) For those of you unaware of Sign up and join the Map of the Fornight Contests:… they're really fun and can help you to improve your craft!

Complementary gif for the Star Wars Hype

-Your precarious overlord,

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